The first member of the academy of sciences of the USSR from Ekaterinoslav (to the 160th anniversary of D. P. Konovalov birth)

Valerij S. Kovalenko, Viktor F. Vargalyuk, Nadiia V. Stets


One of the first places among prominent scientists, whose names are related to Katerinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) and scientific establishments of the city, belongs to one of founders of physical chemistry, the academician D. P. Konovalov. The article lights up the way of live and scientific creativity of the chemist, well-known for his works in chemical thermodynamics, catalysis, chemical technology. The original visiting-card of the scientist are laws the distillation of solutions, called after him. Famous representatives’ of Russian science D. І. Mendeleyev and A. N. Butlerov student and follower, he created a powerful national school of Physical Chemistry. He is known as a prominent organizer of science, public and state figure. There is a monograph and a few biographic essays dedicated to the academician D. P. Konovalov. Petersburg period of his life and activity is mainly represented in them, and the period of stay in Katerinoslav is represented poorly in literature. On the motherland the scientist is not well-known to wide public.


academician D. P. Konovalov; Konovalov’s laws; chemical thermodynamics; solutions; heterogeneous catalysis; chemical technology


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