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by hossein kh khojasteh (2019-04-14)

Bad drivers, they are everywhere. They Ignore Traffic Signs and don't obey rules.  Furthermore, inattentive drivers sometimes text and talk on their cell phones while they are driving. Gesturing, staring, and multitasking are three things aggressive drivers often do. In addition, Driving above the speed limit is one of the biggest reasons car accidents happen. Bad drivers cause a lot of crashes and they make Trouble for other drivers. In other hand, good drivers always pay attention to road and maintain a safe following distance. Also they respect to all of rules. They know respect to rules are respect to themselves. novingate


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by hossein kh khojasteh (2019-04-14)

درب اتوماتیک کرکره اتوماتیک جک پارکینگی راهبند