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Permainan gobak sodor; Kemampuan motorik kasar

by Farrah Mattison (2018-12-23)

The anions HSO4- and SO42- can be involved to the process of iron’s subgroup metals anodic dissolution and passivation in sulfuric acid solutions. The possible effect sulfuric acid on the anodic behavior of nickel in acidic solutions was analyzed with mathematic modeling application. Our results have shown a decrease of maximum current on the anode polarization curve in the case of sulfate anions adsorption on the nickel surface. In this case the slope of Tafel plot of nickel active dissolution and the potentials of maximum currents may change. Maximum currents increasing have been occur in the cases as a direct involvement of sulfuric acid in the dissolution stage of nickel as inclusion of anions into the oxygen-containing films. It was found that anions of sulfuric acid practically didn’t influence on the anodic polarization curve of nickel electrode in the range of SO42- anion concentration from 0.2 to 1.2 Eq/L (pH = 1.0). These data allows to argue that the sulfate anions do not affect on the general mechanism of anodic dissolution and passivation of nickel.  

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