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by Daniel Uilberton DUN (2019-10-01)

Snoozing amid green pillows of beautifully forested mountains, Şəki (Sheki) is Azerbai¬jan’s loveliest town, dappled with tiled-roof old houses and topped off with a glittering little khan’s palace. You can visit Palace of Sheki Khans, Karavansaray, Kish Albanian Church, Caucasian Albania, Sheki Historical-Regional Ethnography Museum, Sheki Kitchen, Shabaka Workshop with <a href="">Sheki Tour</a> Want to explore the historical capital of Azerbaijan- Shamakhi city and one of the oldest settlements of Azerbaijan- Lahij Village? <a href="">Shamakhi-Lahij tours </a> are off-the-beaten path trips to the center of wine-making and carpet weaving and the city of numerous Azerbaijan poets. Shamakhi is also famous for the village Pirkuli where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding, that is quite unusual for Azerbaijan.