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1H NMR spectra of N-methyl-4-tolyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine and N-phenyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine: a combined experimental and theoretical study

Sergiy I. Okovytyy, Svitlana D. Kopteva, Eugene O. Voronkov, Tetiana Yu. Sergeieva, Karina S. Kapusta, Larisa V. Dmitrikova, Jerzy Leszczynski


Theoretical investigations of the conformational properties and 1H NMR chemical shifts for N-methyl-4-tolyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine and N-phenyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine are reported. The calculations were performed at the DFT level (PBE1PBE functional) using magnetically consistent 6-31G## and STO##-3Gmag basis sets. Conformational properties of the amines were studied using potential energy surface scanning. Chemical shifts were calculated using the GIAO and CSGT methods and averaged in proportion to the population of the corresponding conformations. Solvent effects (CDCl3) were accounted via PCM method. The obtained results allowed to assign the 1H NMR signals for the naphthalene moiety, which could not be done based on the experimental data alone.


N-methyl-4-tolyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine; N-phenyl-1-(4-bromonaphthyl)amine; NMR; DFT; basis set

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