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Potentiometric analysis of chloride polyhexamethyleneguanide pK-spectroscopy

Tetiana S. Chmilenko, Ekaterina A. Chebrova, Fedor A. Chmilenko


The mathematical analysis of data of titration of chloride polyhexamethyleneguanide (PGMG) containing repeating functional group, capable to a deprotonation carried out. For the characteristic of interparticle cooperation in system water - PGMG the method of pK-spectroscopy is offered for using. The metod based on the use of linear regression analysis with restrictions on the non-negative solutions. The experimental curve of electrometric titration of PGMG is received and transformed to function of distribution of ionogenic groups of titration object on sizes рК acid ionization (pK-spectrum). The method of pK-spectroscopy the possibility of using to predict the spatial structure and conformational transitions of polycations. The interrelation of constants of dissociations of PGMG and transition a globule-ball in water solutions is studied. 


potentiometer method; pK-spectrum; regression analysis


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