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Crosslinking in the diglycidyl ether oligoepichlorhydrin-piperazine

Konstantyn E. Varlan, Daria V. Serdiuk


The possibility of acquiring film material from a mixture of oligoepichlorhydrin diglycidylether and piperazyne discussed. The process involves elongation of the chain by means of reaction of the oligomer terminal oxyran cycles with piperazine aminogrups, and the subsequent formation of crosslinked by tertiary amine alongthe chainsalkylation whis chlorometyl dand groups of macromolecules. With this purpose, the model system investigated: epichlorohydrin−piperidine, epichlorohydrin−piperazine, oligoetylenglikol glicidyl ether−piperazine. The possibility of regulating the contributions of reactions of epoxy group and alkylation on crosslinking primary stage is disclosed, as well as material properties. Taking into account the found regularities receive elastic film structured materials with quaternary nitrogen atoms in the nodes. The ratio of tertiary and quaternary structure of nitrogen depends on the process conditions. Films swell in polar solvents and has ion-exchange properties.


anionexchanged film material; diglycidyl ether; piperazine


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