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Statistical characteristics of spectrophotometric method for polyhexamethyleneguanidinedetermining

Tatiana S. Chmilenko, Lidiya A. Ivanitsa, Fedor A. Chmilenko


The interaction of two trioxyfluorone dyes disulfophenylfluorone and nitrophenylfluorone with Mo(VI) and polyhexamethyleneguanidine (PHMG) in the presense NO3–ions has been studied by optical spectroscopy. This ternary analytical system was proposed for determination of PHMG. Compositions of ternary complexes, formed in the system, were confirmed by the ternary Gibbs-Rosenbaum diagram. The optimal components ratio in complexes NPF:PHMG:Mo(VI) is 3:1:1 (at 520 nm) and 6:3:1(at 570 nm). The associate PHMG:NPF with ratio 1:2 and macrometalchelate PHMG·2Mo(VI) also records.The metals such asCu(II), V(IV), W(VI), Al(III), Co(II) do not interfere with the determination. Proposed technique allows to determine PHMG on second order nonlinear calibration curves in the concentration range of 0.1–2.0 mg/L. The limit of detection is 0.03 mg/L. Statistical treatment was carried out in accordance with ISO 8466:1-1990 and ISO 8466:2-1993.


spectrophotometry; trioxyfluorone; polyelectrolyte; metal-polymer complex; polyhexamethyleneguanidine


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