Influence of the nature of surface-active substances on rheology of high-filled pastelike compositions on a base on liquid diene rubber and disperse filler

Alexander B. Surovtcev, Kristina I. Kovalenko, Nikolay Ya. Kuzmenko, Sergey G. Bondarenko


Results of researches on reception of pastelike high-filled compositions and estimation of their rheological properties with use cone – plate rheometer are presented. Liquid diene rubber with end hydroxyl groups (as binding), surfaceactive substance (PEAHENS) and disperse filler are entered into structure of compositions. The estimation of sedimentation firmness of compositions and their fluidity in the range of pressure of shift 1 – 30 кPа and temperatures from 30 to 50°С is executed. By results of an estimation of influence of concentration dependence of PEAHENS on a viscosity indicator it is shown that its introduction in a pastelike composition at level 0.5 mas. % is expedient. For considered in work low polar liquid diene rubber more effective decrease in viscosity of a pastelike composition provide polyoxypropylene, especially on the average an interval of pressure of shift which basically can be used in practice. Slightly concede them titanorganic derivatives of oligomer polyoxypropylene. The greatest effect of decrease in viscosity for compositions will reach at use oligomer polyoxypropylene with molecular weight 480, in this case viscosity of a composition is at level of 10 Pa s for rather wide interval of pressure of shift.


high-filled pastelike compositions; liquid diene rubber; disperse filler; surface-active substances; polyoxypropylene; rheological properties


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