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The influence of electrolytic Zn–Ni alloys structural characteristics on their electrochemical properties

Lina V. Petrenko, Viktor I. Korobov


In this work the effects of structural characteristics of electrolytic Zn–1.0 wt% Ni alloys on their anodic behavior in alkaline solutions were investigated. Electrolytic alloys deposited from five zincate electrolytes which differed from one another by ligand composition. Phase composition of Zn–Ni alloys was determined by X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy analysis. The crystallites sizes, microstresses and dislocation density coating of zinc and Zn–Ni alloys were identified. The morphology of the surface plating was studied using scanning electron microscope. It is shown that the primary factor that determines the electrochemical properties of the alloys is their phase composition. Other structural characteristics (morphology, texture, size, shape and defects of crystallite) have not significant influence on the course of the anode current-voltage characteristics in the alkaline solution. They can only affect the speed of metal dissolution and anodic peaks.


zinc-nickel; electrolytic alloys; structural characteristics; anodic behavior; alkaline medium


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