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New method of oligomeric acetoxymethylsiloxanes synthesis

Valeriy V. Sukachev, Juriy N. Vashchenko


The studies proposed a new method of synthesis of various structures oligomer acetoxymethylsiloxanes with the use of heterofunctional condensation reaction between acetoxymethyldimethylacetoxysilane and alkali metals siloxanolats. The indicated oligomer used as intermediate products in the synthesis of different compounds, for example, organosilicon carbofunctional α-alcohols, which are the starting point for production of polysiloxaneurethanes and other polymeric and composite materials with a number of useful properties. It has been found that the reaction proceeds in high yield (over 91%) in the temperature range 0–110°С in inert (under synthesis conditions) solvents – toluene or dioxane. Reaction proceed in heterogeneous or homogeneous conditions depending on the structure of siloxanolats. Take into account that typical segregation acetoxymethyl group with creation of methylacetate which proceeds under influence of nucleophilic agent – alkali metal siloxanolat. Required conditions for successful reaction heterofunctional condensation is the absence in a reaction of mass proton-donating agents which cause passing of concurrent reactions (water, alcohols, acids etc.).


oligomer acetoxymethylsiloxanes; synthesis; structure; intermediate products; α-alcohols; polysiloxaneurethanes


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