Indicator powder and indicator test-tube on the basis of methylsilicic acid immobilized with dimercaptothiopyrone derivatives as test system for the colorimetric and visual-test determination of palladium(II)

Svetlana N. Khudyakova, Fedor A. Chmilenko


A new hybrid organic polymeric sorbent was developed for the preconcentration as well as for the selective and sensitive colorimetric and visual test determination of trace amounts of Pd(II) by using methylsilicic acid (МSA) modified with the 3-methyl(or 3-phenyl)-2,6-dimercapto-1,4-thiopyrone (H2M or H2Ph) and with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). The maximum sorption capacity was 6.6 and 3.9 mg·g−1 for Pd(II) with МSA−PVP−H2M or МSA−PVP−H2Ph systems respectively. Concentration of Pd(II) was evaluated visually using test tube (d = 0.4 cm; mass of sorbent 100 mg; volume outflow rate 0.2 mL·min−1) or colorimetrically in the concentration ranges of 0.01–16 (detection limit (DL) 0.005 µg·mL−1) or 1–45 μg·mL−1 (DL 0.1 µg·mL−1) for the systems МSA−PVP−H2Ph or МSA−PVP−H2M respectively. The accuracy of the developed procedures was validated by the standard addition method. By colorimetric determination of Pd(II) in natural waters, sr was about 8% and by visual determination with indicator test tube in catalyst it was lower than 5%.


palladium(II); dimercaptothiopyrone derivatives; sorption; colorimetry; indicator powder and test tube; visual test determination


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