The features of electrooxidation of tin in alkaline solutions К2ТiО3

Victor F. Varghaljuk, Kateryna A. Plyasovskaya


Addition of К2ТiО3 into the alkaline electrolyte for tin passivation leads to significant change in the physical-chemical properties of the surface films being formed. However the electrochemical behavior of the system does not change much. Coulonometric analysis has been performed on the films which were electrochemically formed on the tin under different conditions and were legated by titanium compounds. It is shown that the presence of titanium compounds in the film leads to the appearance of an additional peak in the chronoamperometry revealing the restoration of titanium. The dynamic of hydrogen peroxide decomposition in the presence of aforementioned films has been investigated. Based on obtained data, a scheme of electrode processes on the tin electrode in an alkaline solution of К2ТiО3 has been proposed.


mechanism of electrooxidation; tin passivation; potassium metatitanate; catalytic activity


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