The role of professor Yu. М. Loshkaryov in the development of the electrochemical researches in Dnipropetrovsk University

Valerij S. Kovalenko, Viktor F. Vargalyuk, Nadiia V. Stets


The article deals with basic stages of life and scientific and pedagogical activity of famous Ukrainian electrochemists, professor of Dnipropetrovsk University, Yu. М. Loshkaryov. It shows his role in organization of electrochemical researches at Chemical faculty of the University, in establishment of the scientific school of electrodeposition and corrosion protection of metals and in development of effective technological processes of the galvanotechnics. Authors analyze basic results of researches in the area of theory and practice of electrodeposition of metals, pedagogical and public activity of the scientist. Professor Yu. М. Loshkaryov established basis of general theory of influence of surface-active substances on the kinetics and mechanism of electrodeposition of metals. He and his students and followers discovered effect of the surface-active substances on all stages of the electrodeposition process – discharge, chemical stage, crystallization in their researches, which is fundamentally new. This allowed getting more complete and objective information about cathode deposition of metals. Another feature of creative activity of the scientist was close combination of theoretical and applied researches. He formulated principles of management of technological processes of electrodeposition of metals by means of purposeful choice of the surface-active substances and other components of electrolytes. New high-efficient electrolytes for zinc-plating and copper-plating and anodic materials for chrome-plating, which were offered by Yu. М. Loshkaryov and co-workers of his laboratory, were on the same level of technological and economic indexes with the best foreign analogues. In1980-90th these electrolytes were used by about 150 enterprises in CIS countries. Results of electrochemical researches of Yu. М. Loshkaryov and his school were represented in more than 600 scientific articles, 50 copyright certificates and patents, and a monograph.


Professor Yu. М. Loshkaryov; Dnipropetrovsk University; electrodeposition of metals; corrosion protection; surface-active substances; scientific school on electrodeposition


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