Tertiary amines nucleophilicity in quaternization reaction with benzyl chloride





hydrazide, nucleophilicity, tertiary amines, quaternization, reversible processes


Quaternization reaction of tertiary amines with benzyl chloride was investigated. Reaction orders with respect to the reactants were determined. Kinetic scheme of quaternization reaction was found to be corresponding to reversible process. An influence of amines basicity and steric factor of alkyl substituent bound to the nitrogen atom on tertiary amines reactivity as nucleophiles was studied. It was shown that the rate constants of direct reaction step may serve as a measure of nucleophilicity of amines.

Author Biographies

Ksenia S. Yutilova, Donetsk National University, 21 600-richcha Str., Vinnytsia 21021

Department of Organic Chemistry, Postgraduate Student

Stanislav G. Bakhtin, Donetsk National University, 21 600-richcha Str., Vinnytsia 21021

Department of Organic Chemistry, Postgraduate Student

Olena M. Shved, Donetsk National University, 21 600-richcha Str., Vinnytsia 21021

Chair of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Docent

Yulia M. Bespalko, Donetsk National University, 21 600-richcha Str., Vinnytsia 21021

Department of Organic Chemistry, Associate Professor, Vice Dean, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD)


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