Styromal based polymer films modified with copper microparticles

Viktor F. Vargalyuk, Constantin E. Varlan, Volodymyr A. Polonskyy, Anatoly І. Shchukin


A method for the synthesis of polymeric film based on a copolymer of styrene and maleic anhydride (stiromal) and oligodiol was suggested. Block copolymer of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol was used as oligodiol. It was shown that synthesized materials have moderate water swelling capacity in and ion-exchange properties. Static exchange capacity in 0.1 mol/L NaOH aqueous solution is within the interval of 1.44–1.76 mmol/g. At air-dry state films have a tensile strength of 4–6.6 MPa and an elongation at break tensile 38–61 %. The effect of stiromal molecular weight and oligodiol type, and conditions of film formation on ion-exchange and physical-mechanical properties of the films was studied. The synthesized material appeared to be able to sorb Cu2+-ions from neutral and acidic solutions. The distribution coefficient in case of sorption from slightly acidic solution with Cu2+ concentration of 50 mg/L was 48–50. Composite material with a metal submicroparticles uniformly distributed in the polymeric matrix was obtained by chemical reduction of copper ions sorbed. It was found that the film acquires electric conductivity, as a result of filling of metal particles, which allows copper electrodeposition on the film surface.


polymeric composite material; polymeric matrix; styromal; oligodiol; static exchange capacity; sorption of Cu2+-ions; copper microparticles; electroplating

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