Identification of phase structure of plated zinc alloys based on a linear voltammetry in alkaline solutions

Lina V. Petrenko, Viktor I. Korobov


The purpose of research was the development of new and effective technique of electroplatings phase composition analysis by inversion voltammetric methods. As a result the possibility of the phase composition of the plated zinc-based alloys identification using anodic linear voltammetry in alkaline solutions was shown. The phase composition Zn–(0.27–9.4)% Fe alloy electroplated from alkaline zincate solutions was defined based on voltammetry data. As part of the Zn–Fe alloys the phase of hexagonal structure was found which is absent in the equilibrium phase diagram. The ratio of hexagonal crystal lattice axes (c/a) and the electron concentration (e/a) for this phase are significantly different from the corresponding values for the primary solid solution η. From the analysis of c/a and e/a values of investigated Zn–Fe alloy the defined phase was identified as a solid solution phase type ε. It also was shown that anodic linear voltammetry accomplished in alkaline solutions is more sensitive to the identification of the phase composition of zinc alloys than the traditional X-ray method and stripping voltammetry.


electrolytic zinc alloys; phase analysis; linear voltammetry


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