Kinetic parameters estimation for conjugated electrochemical systems

Irina A. Medvedeva, Viktor I. Korobov


The new mathematical method useful for quick treatment of polarization curves obtained for corrosion process has been proposed. This method is based on function dependence between corrosion current density, Tafel constants, diffusion current density, ohmic resistance and polynomial coefficients that fit the polarization curve within ±30 mV overpotential range. The proposed method is robust and fast. Application of this method for partial reaction of corrosion process with activation, diffusion, activation-diffusion control has been considered. The method has been tested on real objects: Ni/0.5 mol/L H2SO4, Zn/0.5 mol/L NaOH, Zn/3 % NaCl, Zn/3 % Na2SO4, Armco iron/0.5 mol/L K2SO4. Obtained Tafel constants and corrosion current density values correlate with published data.


kinetic parameter; Tafel slopes; corrosion current density; approximation; degree polinom


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