Sergiy O. Polishko


This article deal with the influence of the action of the chemical elements of the multifunctional modifier on the stabilization of the chemical composition and the increase of the level of mechanical characteristics in the wheel steels KP-2 and KP-T were considered. Also, the causes of instability of the chemical composition of wheel steel for locomotives of the class «C» considered. It established that in this metal, by introducing multifunctional modifiers in the steel melt, the stability of the chemical composition and, consequently, the level of mechanical characteristics increases. System thermodynamic investigations on the possible influence of components of special modifiers during their interaction with the melt have been carried out. The basic thermodynamic parameters of compounds which can be formed in the melt of steels at introduction of special modifiers were determined. It was established that modification contributes to the improvement of the morphology of nonmetallic inclusions in the investigated steels, which also contributes to the increase of mechanical characteristics.



chemical composition, stabilization, wheel steels, non-metallic inclusions, thermodynamic and mechanical characteristics

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