• Andriy B. Vishnikin Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ukraine
  • Larisa P. Sidorova Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара, Ukraine
  • Alina O. Voloboy Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара, Ukraine



simultaneous determination, synthetic food dyes, E110 (yellow "Sunset"), E124 (Ponso 4R, bright red 4R), spectrophotometry, H-point standard addition method, soft drinks.


A simple, rapid and highly sensitive method for the determination of the content of synthetic food dyes in binary mixtures using the standard H-point additives has been developed. The theoretical foundations of the method are given. The following analytical wavelengths were selected to determine the yellow dye «Sunset» (E 110) and Ponceau 4R (E124) in mixtures: 446 and 521 nm for the dye E110 and 470 and 542 nm for the dye E124. In accordance with the requirements of the method, for these wavelengths, both absorbance and concentration were the same. At the same time, for the other component, the difference in absorbances at the same wavelengths was large enough and the concentration changed systematically. Simultaneous determination of dyes E124 and E110 is possible with satisfactory precision in the range of their concentrations in a mixture from1 to 30 μg/mL. The method is characterized by satisfactory precision, and the relative error does not exceed 4 % when using the SF-46 spectrophotometer. The technique has been successfully tested on artificial mixtures and commercially available carbonated beverage samples: «Mirinda», «Shake», «InStyle», «Fruits Multivitamin».

Author Biographies

Andriy B. Vishnikin, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Head of Analytical Chemistry Department h-index (SCOPUS) = 8

Larisa P. Sidorova, Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара

Доцент кафедри аналітичної хімії h-index (SCOPUS) = 2

Alina O. Voloboy, Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара

Студент хімічного факультету ДНУ


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