Gunel Mamedova, Tofiq Aliyev


To predict the optimal synthesis conditions for the practically important chabazite zeolite based on the hydrothermal modification of the natural mineral Nakhchivan of the Kyukyuchay field. The starting component and hydrothermal reaction products have been identified by X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric methods of analysis and scanning electron microscope. The practically important chabazite zeolite was identified by X-ray diffraction. The optimal conditions for its synthesis with a 100% degree of crystallization were predicted. It was established that the area of existence of chabazite is wide and the optimal conditions for its hydrothermal synthesis were a temperature of 230°C, a concentration of a thermal solution of 15–20% Ca(OH)2, of a  mineralizer CaCl2 of 10−15 % and a processing time of 100 hours. It was established that the resulting zeolite of chabazite stable up to 950°C and dehydrated chabazite is completely rehydrated within 72 hours, which once again proves its zeolitic character. The data allow to predetermine the synthesis conditions of a practically important chabazite-type zeolite.


Nakhchivan mineral, zeolite, chabazite, natural mineral, hydrothermal synthesis, optimal condition

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