Liliya A. Frolova, Tatyana V. Hrydnieva


At present, synthetic oxides and oxyhydroxides in the form of pigments, adsorbents, and magnetic carriers are widely used in industry. This is due to their non-toxicity, chemical stability, durability, a wide variety of colours and low cost.

The properties of the obtained pigments are determined primarily by the dispersion of the obtained product and its phase composition, specific surface of the powders. The problem of improving the quality of the final product is mainly a technological problem and it can be solved by improving the technological stages, especially precipitation and oxidation.

In this work, the dependence of the phase composition of the products on the synthesis conditions is investigated. Oxyhydroxides and ferric oxides are synthesized by oxidation ferrous hydroxides obtained by precipitation. Air was used as an oxidizer of Fe2 + ions. The study of the influence of synthesis parameters on the precipitation of a-oxyhydroxide nanoparticles was studied by the experimental design method. Particles with a different form factor and specific surface were formed depending on temperature, initial concentrations of salt and precipitant, air flow rate.

It has been established that the concentration of iron(II) sulphate has a decisive influence on the particle size of a-FeOOH and its specific surface, to a lesser extent on the concentration of sodium hydroxide and rate oxidation.


iron oxides; precipitation; oxidation; pigments; -oxyhydroxide

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