magnetite, CCRPE, MB, photocatalyst


In this work, the phase composition, microstructure, and photocatalytic activity of the obtained magnetic adsorbent were determined by IR spectroscopy, X-ray phase analysis, SEM electron microscopy, and EDRS analysis. The process of photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue in the presence of magnetite under UV radiation was considered. The influence of such factors, as the UV radiation treatment time, the adsorbent and hydrogen peroxide concentrations has been studied. The experimental-statistical model was developed using the central composite rotatable design method (CCRD) by means of the STATISTICA 10 software package. The variance analysis of the obtained model was carried out. The coefficients significance and the statistical model adequacy were checked. The calculated values of the degree of methylene blue decomposition were confirmed by experimental results. The optimal process parameters, namely, the processing time and the concentration of the photocatalyst and hydrogen peroxide, were also determined. The mass of the adsorbent and the processing time were the main parameters influencing the degree of degradation. The following significance of the factors was established: ttreat > mads > VH2O2.

The optimal conditions for the methylene blue destruction corresponded to the H2O2 concentration of 0.75 ml / 100 ml solution and the catalyst of 0.1 g / 100 ml Fe3O4; the time of UV irradiation was 60 minutes.


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