substances of paracetamol, cofein and analgyne, sample preparation, ultrasound, Triton X-100, atomic absorption spectrometry, X-ray fluorescent analysis, metrological characteristics


An influence of SAS (Тriton Х-100) concentration and ultrasound treatment time on the value of analytical signal at atomic absorption detection of Chromium and Cobalt was studied. It was shown that maximal analytical signal is occurred at using Triton Х-100 (ω = 5%) solutions and ultrasound treatment within 15 minutes. Sensibility of Chromium detection was increased in 1,53 times and for Cobalt is in 1,41 times. By atomic absorption and X-ray fluorescent methods the composition of the analytes in substances of paracetamol, cofein and analgyne was determined. By variation of the sample mass and by "injected-found out" method we have proved that systematic error is not significant. The results, obtained by two independent methods were approved according to F- and t-criteria. It was shown that dispersions are homogenous and run of the means is not sufficient and proved by random scatter. A method for the determination of chromium and cobalt in pharmaceutical substances has been developed. The detection limit of cobalt is 0.4 μg / l, chromium 0.5 μg / l.

Author Biography

Аlexandr N. Baklanov, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Зав. кфедры охраны труда и экологической безопасности Украинской инженерно-педагогической академии, професор кафедрыхимической метрологии Харьковского национального университета имени В.Н. Каразина


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