oxygen evolution reaction, kinetics, mechanism, electrocatalysis, nickel, electrodeposition, deep eutectic solvent


This work reports the kinetics and mechanism of the anodic oxygen evolution reaction occurring in an aqueous alkaline solution on two types of nickel electrodes obtained by electrodeposition technique. The first type of nickel coating was deposited from «ordinary» aqueous chloride nickel plating bath. The second type of nickel coating was deposited from an electrolyte based on ethaline (a eutectic mixture of choline chloride and ethylene glycol), which is a typical representative of the so-called deep eutectic solvents (a new generation of room-temperature ionic liquids). The electrocatalytic activity of Ni coatings towards the oxygen evolution reaction was evaluated by linear voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Under conditions of moderate polarization, the rate-determining step at both types of electrodes is the transfer of the second electron. As the polarization increases, the transfer of the first electron becomes the rate-controlling step. Ni coating electrodeposited from an ethaline-based electrolyte shows a higher electrocatalytic activity than the coating obtained from an aqueous electrolyte, which is confirmed by higher exchange current densities and lower polarization resistances. The observed effects are due to the manifestation of "true" electrocatalytic activity, rather than a consequence of an increase in the surface area available to the electrochemical process.

Author Biography

Vyacheslav S. Protsenko, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology

Кафедра фізичної хімії, професор, д.х.н.


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