biomass, coffee production waste, spent coffee grounds, barley bran, secondary raw materials, solid fuel, briquettes


The article describes the results of experimental studies on the production of alternative solid fuels from coffee production waste coffee production waste and barley bran. Briquetted samples of solid fuels with 0 : 100, 25 : 75, 50 : 50 and 75 : 25 % wt. of coffee production waste and barley bran, respectively, were made. The influence of the content of the initial components on the main parameters of the created solid fuel briquettes was researched. It was determined that the higher calorific value of the obtained samples is in the range of ~17329÷22147 kJ/kg, and their ash content is 0.6÷2.45 % by weight. It is shown that with an increase in the content of coffee production waste in solid fuel samples, the calorific value increases and at the same time the ash content of the samples decreases. The creation of composite solid fuel briquettes makes it possible to use coffee production waste more rationally and regulate the main indicators of solid fuel to meet existing standards by means of the content of the components of the initial mixture.


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