Autocatalytic dissipative chemical system, bifurcation, chaos, hysteresis, sinusoidal excitation


In this paper, we study the controlling of chaotic behaviours in an autocatalytic dissipative chemical system governed by a forced modified DuffingVan der Pol (DVP) oscillator driven by various sinusoidal periodic forces. The external sinusoidal periodic forces considered are sine wave, modulus of sine wave and rectified sine wave. The effects of the sinusoidal forces and the perturbation parameter Γ on chaotic motions of the chemical system have been strongly analyzed. Controlling of chaotic behaviours have been investigated through bifurcation structures, Lyapunov exponent, phase portrait, Poincar´e section and time series. Coexistence of several attractors and hysteresis phenomenon have been studied in detail in the system with sinusoidal excitations.


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